Spray Tanning Tips

We've put together the top 6 spray tanning tips - things you can do yourself - to ensure you get the most out of your Tan Ezy spray tan.

Of course there's some things that vary according to your individual situation, and these are best left to one-on-one discussion with one of our expert spray tan consultants - feel free to contact one of them here.

But here's a few general tips...

1. Healthy skin tans best! Preparation before your spray tan. 

Prior to your spray tan session, your skin should be properly cleansed.

Avoid bar soaps and other high PH products that will interfere with the tanning reaction. Instead we recommend you exfoliate your skin with a natural exfoliating and cleansing product.

This will:

  • help improve the way your tan looks
  • make your tan last longer

We recommend a natural exfoliant/bodywash such as Norvell Tune-Up.

2. Wear loose, darker coloured clothing after your spray tan

Immediately after your spray tan, the tanning solution is still active and has not fully set. Tight clothes can rub off or smear the tanner before it sets. At Tan Ezy, we recommend you wear looser, darker coloured clothing. Ask us for more info.

3. Ladies: No make up before or straight after

We recommend against make up before spray tanning as it will interfere with the application of your spray tan. Also, it's best not to apply make up for at least 4-6 hours after your spray tan session as it will affect the way the spray tan sets.

* Note with our Mine 1 Hour Tan, you can apply makeup sooner...

4. Keep cool... no sweat!

This of course applies especially in summer... Avoid any activity that may cause you to sweat immediately following your spray tan session. This is to avoid the possibility of the cosmetic bronzer streaking.

5. Showers, baths, chlorine swimming pools

You must avoid taking a shower for at least 4-6 hours after your spray tan or you will stop the DHA's tanning action.  Wait at least sixteen hours or more before taking a shower. If you absolutely must shower before 16 hours, use only plain water, no soap except in private areas, to allow your tan's continued development.

For at least 24 hours and ideally longer, stay away from overly chlorinated swimming pools as the chlorine will accelerate the tan fading.

Also, soaking in the bath is not recommended as this encourages the shedding of dead skin cells and speeds up the fading of your tan.

* Note with our Mine 1 Hour "Wash & Wear" spray tan solution, you  can shower just one hour after your spray tan...

6.  Make your tan last...

24 hours after tanning and every day afterwards, we highly recommend Norvell Pro Long Colour Extending Moisturiser or Norvell Celebrity Tan Extending Lotion to encourage even tan-wear and help maintain your skin's colour and health.

As well as DHA, these products contain a range of healthy natural ingredients (moisturisers, anti-oxidants and more) which will help to mantain your tan and care for your skin at the same time.

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Want more tips?

If you'd like more tips and advice on getting the most out of your spray tan, don't hesitate to contact us (click here)